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Atomos Ninja Inferno 7″ Monitor

This monitor-recorder is tailor made to compliment the GH5’s already impressive feature set. It’s 7” FullHD ultra bright screen is extremely uselful as a manual focus aid. You won’t need a hood for the monitor even in bright sunlight. The RGB waveform is great for dialing in white balance, as the GH5 “only” has a … Read more

Zoom H6 (includes 32Gb SD card, 3.5mm adapter)

A very versatile recorder with four XLR-jack combo inputs. The H6 can also use Zoom’s mic modules in addition to the four inputs. This kit includes the XY-stereo module and the M-S module. These are excellent for capturing ambience as reference for the sound designer, or sound effects to bring your videos to life. We … Read more

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

Panasonic has revolutionized the indie-video market with every iteration of the GH-series. The GH4 made 4k available at an affordable price and the GH5 enables internally 4k 60p 8 bit 420 longGOP, or 4k 30p 10 bit 422 all-i recording! With added video-centric features like waveform, vectorscope and anamorphic de-squeeze the GH5 offers a package … Read more