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Atomos Ninja Inferno 7″ Monitor

This monitor-recorder is tailor made to compliment the GH5’s already impressive feature set. It’s 7” FullHD ultra bright screen is extremely uselful as a manual focus aid. You won’t need a hood for the monitor even in bright sunlight. The RGB waveform is great for dialing in white balance, as the GH5 “only” has a luminance waveform.

With an optional SSD you can record the uncompressed stream from the GH5 as any flavor of ProRes or DNxHD. Internally the GH5 can do 4k 10 bit with 422 color sampling, essentially the same as ProRes 422, but if you want 60p you are limited to 8 bit color with 420 sampling. This is where the Ninja Inferno comes in and you can record all your 50/60p footage in glorious 10 bit 422 color as well!

Kit includes

  • Ninja Inferno Recorder
  • HDMI 2.0 cable
  • DC power adapter
  • 8 batteries and 2 chargers for them
  • Semi-hard case
  • magic arm

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