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Lyric Videos

If you want to market your music, it needs to be attached to something. Song release cycle is getting faster all the time, and often a big production music video doesn’t make sense. A lyric video is a faster and cheaper alternative to music videos. Lyric videos can be made completely out of stock photos or videos, combined with your promo photos or custom-shot footage of you singing. Hybrid videos, in which elements of a music video are blended into a lyric video, are getting more popular, since they present the artist in a more personal way. Lyric videos don’t require any custom footage, but shooting custom footage will certainly make them more unique and interesting.

Simple Lyric Video

Simple but cool! Animated lyrics spiced up with images and video clips that suit the style of the song.

270 € + vat.

Example of a simple lyric video, based on free stock photos.

Advanced Lyric Video

Complex, versatile and fast-paced edit with animated lyrics.

450 € + vat.

Example of a lyric video with stock video footage from our own archives and some footage shot specifically for this video.

Premium Lyric VIdeo

Custom-shot footage or custom animated scenes, blended beautifully to animated lyrics.

670 € + vat.

Example of a more complex lyric video edit, featuring text placed within footage (planar tracking), handwritten lyrics and custom footage.